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Alexander Technique
Alexander Technique
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Initial Consultation
45 minute appointment (no charge)

You may book a consultation to discuss your individual areas of interest and receive a demonstration of the Technique. This is a simple way to determine how the Alexander Technique can be of use to you, and to receive a practical demonstration. There is no charge for an initial demonstration. Please call (646) 387-3099 or email SSEGERS@ALUM.BE.EDU to make an appointment.

Individual Instruction
45 minute sessions, $70

Individual instruction is the most efficient way to learn to apply Alexander Technique principles and reap the benefits therein. Students' individual needs and intentions can be discussed and strategies that include their learning style can be developed. Appointments are available for a range of times including weekdays, weekday evenings, and weekend mornings.

In a series of one-on-one lessons students can learn to:

  • Observe their own patterns
  • Decide over time which areas they would like to improve (breathing, specific activities, stress level)
  • Apply the technique between lessons
  • Return with questions about how to take it to the next level

    Just as when you take the car into the mechanic, things may show up that, if they are attended to now, it will prevent problems at a later date.

    Taking a series of lessons is an enjoyable and thought-provoking process where students feel a greater sense of ease from the beginning, and become able to continue working on their own as they gain greater experience. People often study weekly at the beginning and then are able to return periodically when questions arise.

    Discounts are available for students and seniors.
    If you need a discount for special circumstances (such as low income or unemployment), please request a rate that you can work with.
    Gift Certificates are available for individual instruction.

    Small group Introductory Demonstrations (for 5-10 people)
    A short overview of Alexander Technique where each attendee receives a demonstration, followed by questions and answers. They can be customized to a specific common interest of the group (musicians, runners, etc.) or be a general overview. These can be on-site or at a school or community center.

    To arrange for a demonstration for your group, association, or students, please call or email Stephanie Segers for more information.

    Classes/demonstrations have been offered to:

  • Boston Women Communicators
  • Winchester Community Music School
  • Greater Boston area private studio music teachers

    While a large group format limits the number of people who can receive a demonstration of their own, introductory lectures are also available.

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    AmSAT is the American Society of the Alexander Technique
    STAT is the original Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, based in London, U.K.

    Now in New York City at Union Square.