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Stephanie Segers has been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1992 in the greater Boston area, and moved to the greater New York City area in summer 2010. She teaches in Manhattan in the Union Square area. She completed a three year, 1600 hour Alexander Technique training course at the Alexander Institute of Boston in 1992 and is certified to teach the Alexander Technique by AmSAT* and by STAT **. She also has a Bachelor's degree in music from the University of Michigan and a Master's degree in Public Health from Boston University.

She regularly continues her post-graduate study of the Alexander Technique.

Originally drawn to the Alexander Technique as a musician, she enjoys teaching the technique to people who use it as a resource in addressing a variety of situations.

She completed a Master of Public Health degree in biostatistics and epidemiology at Boston University School of Public Health in 2004. A long-term goal is to work and teach in research and intervention studies to show some of the health-related benefits that people receive from applying the Alexander Technique to their daily activities and demanding situations.

The Alexander technique is an educational method whose benefits arise from long-term practice of the principles of developing awareness in daily movements, understanding habit and how to change it, and understanding the use of the body and breathing in daily activities.

Please call (646) 387-3099 or email SSEGERS@ALUM.BU.EDU to make an appointment.

* American Society of the Alexander Technique
** the original Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, based in London, U.K.

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AmSAT is the American Society of the Alexander Technique
STAT is the original Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, based in London, U.K.

Now teaching in Manhattan